Curren$y – Money Put Away Feat. Corner Boy P & T.Y. (Prod. By Sledgren)

Curren$y remains the hardest working man in hiphop. In 2016 he gave us 12 mixtapes and now he’s expected to drop something this April. If you know Curren$y you know a mixtape will fall out the sky out of nowhere. He recently took a trip to Atlanta and recorded roughly 20 tracks with Sledgren and BAM!!!! Now we have the Jetlanta EP coming soon. Check out Curren$y – Money Put Away Feat. Corner Boy P & T.Y. (Prod. By Sledgren)

J. Cole – High For Hours

J. Cole fresh off a Gold Album release has a MLK gem for us all. High For Hours has the same message his album did. He continues to speak about the troubles of the African American community and the struggles in his hometown of Fayettevill North Carolina. Some food for thought on this day of civil rights prosperity. Listen to J. Coles-High For Hours Here.

Supreme Spring/Summer 2017 Van Gogh & Terry Richardson

Supreme NYC has had an explosive 2017 so far. Not only have their recent collabs been huge successes, but with the recent leaks of the Nike Collab for the Air Max Uptempo hitting the net a bit early and now their summer/spring collection look with Terry Richardson and Van Gogh leaking is it a problem for the street giant? NO!!! I don’t think so. The brands success is primarily built on their original pieces, hype, and collabs with other street brand giants. This will only make the fiends want more. I’m really feeling the pink piece, i just hope CAM’RON doesn’t beat me it(laughs). We’ll stay tuned for more leaks and keep you posted. Follow @mrbld_ for Supreme leaks and news on twitter and IG.



Villa is one of our favorite emcees and when a mixtape drops the whole staff(me) stops what they’re doing. I’ve said this numerous times there’s no reason why this kid shouldn’t be noticed yet by a major label but this isn’t his fault he lives in a region waterdown by emcees. He can rap and create melodies and his sound is natural. I truely hope he keeps grinding and blows up, i wanna see talent and grind prevail. Check out his recent release Villa-Serotonin

Tory Lanez-Double Mixtape Release (New Toronto 2, Chixtape 4)


The Chixtape 4

New Toronto 2

Tory Lanez continues his pursuit of the king of toronto claim but is it obtainable? With so many talented artist from the 6 like Belly, The Weeknd, and you know who(Drake) it will take some time. That claim remains to be seen but Tory Lanez is a force to be reckoned with. His year has started off with a bang with 2 mixtapes dropping on the same day. This should be an interest year for lanez Stay Tuned!

Dom Kennedy’s- Los Angeles Is Not For Sale, Vol. 1 (Spotify Release)

Dom Kennedy’s been one of the westcoast premier emcee’s for some time now. With classic tapes like “The Yellow Album” and “From The Westside With Love” he’s been a staple for the Westcoast and it’s culture. With this album and his Half-A-Mill mixtape with Hitboy out, Dom Kennedy should have a big 2017. You can stream his album here on Spotify today.

Kid Cudi-Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin (Thoughts)

Kid Cudi has been a staple on my itunes since 2009 and I’ve been with him through the ups and downs. This Album reminded me of why i liked him so much to begin with. His taste in vibrant chords and melodic mood setting tones are amazing. Is this his best album ? thats up for debate but if you’re looking for vintage Kid Cudi you’ll get pieces of it here. My personal two favorite songs are Kitchen and Mature Nature. The song he did with Pharrell ‘Surfin’ was a perfect example of why Cudi is Cudi. He doesn’t follow trends or bite styles from other emcees. He is who, who he is and thats why he’s special. His influence reached Kayne West who created 808’s and Heartbreaks which spawned a lovechild called So Far Gone by…. You know who(Drake). Overall if you’re a Cudi fan and open minded then the Album will please you. All Cudi haters stay away let us enjoy him while he’s still amoung us. Get Well Kid Cudi!